Founded in 1970 and based on the history of Kastamonu Ufuk Furniture; Later in time, the industry's central location has been moved to Istanbul İkitelli.

Wood industry person / site-specific design, manufacture and application, which has an important place in the UFUK FURNITURE, serves turnkey furniture decoration. In addition to this, UFUK FURNITURE's customers design, supply of materials, sizing, edge banding, 5-axis CNC WOOD, curved banding, and provides support on issues such as softforming. In addition, in-house professional staff not only at the stage of processing of the product, its technical knowledge and can direct customers in the design process.

Ufuk Furniture, innovative and open to development services to the needs of customers with the understanding that aims to respond in the best way, using the latest technology of the era has been able to make a difference is a company in the sector.
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